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Metrix Southwest Inc. offers a wide range of consulting services to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. Our team can provide in-depth valuations and analysis for all types of residential, industrial, commercial, rural and special purpose properties.  We are organized with a trusted, experienced team and a comprehensive real estate market database to respond effectively to any request, whether it be an appraisal of a single family home or a complex, mixed use development or feasibility study.

We have, over the years, been recognized for the level of professional support provided to our many client groups including:

Metrix Southwest Inc - Services - Residential Appraisal


Reliable time sensitive appraisals for mortgage financing, estate planning, matrimonial decisions and to assist with buy/sell decisions.

Metrix Southwest Inc - Services - Financial Appraisal


Timely, reliable real property valuations, reviews, and analyses that will assist lending executives in making informed real estate lending decisions.

Metrix Southwest Inc - Services - Business Appraisal


Assist the business community with real property decisions, maximizing asset valuation for acquisition/disposition strategies, investment analysis and market analysis.

Metrix Southwest Inc - Services - Government Appraisal


We recognize advisory services for government and institutions demand confidentiality, integrity, and a high level of competence.  Services include reports to assist in negotiation for the acquisitions, dispositions, expropriation, and to assist in policy decisions

Metrix Southwest Inc - Services - Agricultural Appraisal


Valuations for rural properties and agricultural operations for mortgage financing, succession and estate planning, buy/sell decisions, capital gains calculations and Best Use analysis.

Metrix Southwest Inc - Services - Development Appraisal


Expertise that covers all aspects of the development process including construction/take-out financing, research and market demand analysis, and feasibility studies.

Metrix Southwest Inc - Services - Legal Appraisal


Assisting counsel with real property analysis and reports, supported with expert testimony required for civil litigation, forensic analysis and expropriation matters.

Metrix Southwest Inc - Services - First Nation Appraisal


Land claim issues, Highest and Best Use studies, feasibility studies, asset management and loss of use studies.

Metrix Southwest Inc - Services - Advisory Appraisal


Valuation analysis to assist in asset decisions, bankruptcy/receivership process, financial restructuring, financial reporting, due diligence, forensic valuation analysis and capital gains analysis, property tax assessment appeals